2022 Gardening Goals

Happy New Year! Yup, we made it to 2022! After the past two years, I’m sure we are all apprehensive about what this year has in store for us. But, a new year brings hope and possibilities, a chance at a clean slate, and an opportunity for change. It is a time when we all make resolutions, reflecting on how we can make ourselves, or the world, better. Could I eat healthier, exercise more, and stand to lose a few pounds? Sure. But, I learned last year that, especially during this challenging time in our lives, perhaps I shouldn’t set lofty goals that make me feel bad about myself. Instead, I should set goals that will make me happy.

Looking back at my goals for myself and my garden in 2021, I’m happy to report that I met most of my ambitions. Of course, I also had some pitfalls, but I’m proud of what I accomplished for the most part. So, as I sit armchair gardening with all the new seed catalogs that arrive daily in my mailbox, I begin to plan and dream about the upcoming garden season. But, before I can place that first order, plant that first seed, or dream about that first flower in bloom, I need to set my 2022 gardening goals.

I’ve Been Setting Goals and Dreaming of Blooms Like These

So, here they are, my hopes and ambitions for the 2022 growing season:

Try New Varieties: This will always be one of my goals each year. I love trying new plants that I’ve never grown before, and with so many varieties out there, this is probably my most manageable goal to accomplish. I plan to grow many new flower varieties, bean, and squash types this year. However, I’m most excited to try the (ahem) several (we’ll say several) new dahlia varieties I’ve ordered, as well as sweet peas and ranunculus (which I’ve never grown before).

‘Blaze’ Pumpkins and ‘Teddy’ Dahlias Were Both New Varieties in My 2021 Garden

Garden Expansion: 2022 will be an exciting gardening year due to my garden expansion plans. This growing season will bring a newly constructed potting shed and garden fence that nearly doubled the size of my growing space! There is still much work to be done, but I’m very excited about the possibilities this change brings.

My New Potting Shed Peeks from behind the Cosmos and Zinnias

Grow More Cut Flowers: Last season, I grew a few flower varieties dedicated solely to cutting and arranging. I enjoyed growing cut flowers so much that I plan on adding many more in the upcoming season.

I Can’t Wait to Fill My Garden with Flowers for Cutting

Make More Bouquets: I discovered how much I enjoyed arranging flowers this past season. It was an activity that brought me both happiness and stress relief. There’s nothing like bringing flowers and the garden indoors! I would love to improve my flower arranging skills and bring many more bouquets into existence.

I’ve Discovered How Much I Love to Arrange Flowers

Learn as I Grow: This is another yearly goal. I never want to stop learning in the garden. In 2022, I plan to attend many more workshops and virtual seminars and dive into the stacks of gardening books waiting for me. I’ll continue to learn as I grow!

My Winter Reading List Awaits…Hmmm There Seems to Be a Common Theme

Save More Seeds: I would like to save more seeds and continue my quest to become a seed steward. This holiday, I was able to gift some of my saved seeds, passing them along to loved ones, and it was a fantastic feeling. I want to keep that going!

Saving More Seeds Is a Top Goal for My 2022 Garden

Advocate and Plant for Pollinators: In 2022, advocating and planting for pollinators will continue to be at the heart of my garden. Providing pollinators with ample habitat where they can thrive is crucial to me.

Providing Habitat for Pollinators Is at the Heart of My Garden

Volunteer within the Garden Community: This past year, volunteering in the garden community was very rewarding. I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of a project that grew local, organic, healthy produce for the community food pantry. I want to continue being a part of the local gardening community and helping wherever needed.

These Tomatoes and Herbs Were Grown for Our Local Food Pantry

Make People Happy with Flowers: Flowers elicit emotion and move people. So this year, I’d like to spread happiness through my flowers by gifting bouquets to others. If I can make one person smile, I’ll consider this goal accomplished.

I’d Love to Spread Some Happiness through Flowers

Fully Embrace the Joy of Growing: Sometimes, it’s easy as gardeners to get caught up in all the tasks that need doing, and we forget the most crucial task of all: embracing the joy of growing. So, this season, I want to focus on the happiness my garden brings, not just all the weeding that needs doing. By embracing the joy of growing, I hope to appreciate both the growth of the plants and myself.

So, now that my 2022 gardening goals are set let’s grow! And, let’s fill the world with flowers, lots and lots of flowers so that 2022 can bloom with possibilities!

2 Replies to “2022 Gardening Goals”

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, carolee! We have a lot of work left to do on the potting shed and hope to get back at it now that the temperatures are warming. I will be sharing more as the project progresses. I appreciate your interest!


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