Journey Through Words

I can’t believe that it has been two years since I made the life-changing decision to start a little blog called Thistle Be the Day. It all began in April of 2020 when the world was on lockdown during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. I felt the need to connect during those tumultuous early days, and I longed for conversation, even if it was within my thoughts. So, at a time when the world seemed upside down, I grabbed on to all that made me happy and gave me some semblance of normalcy-my family, my garden, and my words.

During the Early Days of the Pandemic, I Turned Towards the Things That Brought Me Happiness-My Family, My Garden, and My Words

Talking about plants and gardening has always brought me happiness, and I remember thinking that perhaps others would find joy in those conversations. I thought people might welcome the distraction that a few paragraphs or a couple of hundred words could provide during that time. And so, I started a journey through words. This blog became my therapy during those days, and even if not a single soul read my words, I needed to write them anyway-for my soul and sanity. But the thing was, much to my surprise, people did read them.

Talking about Plants and Gardening Has Always Brought Me Happiness
And So, I Started Thistle Be the Day-a Journey through Words

I was shocked to find that anyone cared about the musings of an enthusiastic gardener (yup, that’s me). It was humbling and comforting, and I had found that connection that I needed. So, week after week, I sat down at my desk and wrote whatever came to mind. Over the past two years, I have shared words about many topics I care about, and I feel grateful for the opportunity.

I Love to Share My Musings as an Enthusiastic Gardener

I have written about my antics with wildlife, from peanut-thieving squirrels, determined groundhogs, and feisty wrens. I also discussed my goal to create an inviting habitat for the creatures that share this little piece of the world I call home, whether it be toads, birds, or butterflies. And we talked about pollinators and their importance, and I shared my love of bees and wishes to create pollinator-friendly gardens.

I Have Written about My Antics with Wildlife, from Peanut-Thieving Squirrels
To Determined Groundhogs
To Feisty Wrens
I’ve Discussed Toads, Birds, and Butterflies
And I’ve Shared My Goal to Create Wildlife and Pollinator Habitat

I have been lucky enough to share my experiences through trips I’ve taken. Field trips to botanical gardens, flower farms, flower shows, and workshops. Classes that I’ve taken and growing tips I’ve learned. We’ve connected on the joys of cutting flowers and making arrangements and the lows of losing plants, whether through disease or my negligence or inexperience.

I’ve Shared My Experiences of Trips to Botanical Gardens
Flower Farms
Classes and Workshops
And We’ve Connected on the Joys of Cutting Flowers and Making Arrangements

As a gardener, I love to talk about what is growing in my garden. We have discussed growing flowers and vegetables and everything in between. I have shared plant spotlights from sesame and saffron to potatoes and peonies. The monthly ‘What’s Growing on in the Garden’ posts allow me to show you my garden each month of the growing season. From the first green shoots in the spring to the frosted petals of fall.  

I Have Shared Plant Spotlights from Sesame and Saffron
Potatoes to Peonies
My Posts Allow Me to Show You My Garden Each Month
From the First Green Shoots in the Spring to the Frosted Petals of Fall

I have brought you along as I’ve tried new plants, from dahlias to ferns to ginger, and new skills, from topiary to canning. Through this blog, I have presented my goals and aspirations, both in the garden and my life. I like to believe that we have laughed together and dreamed together. And my biggest wish is that we have all grown together.

You’ve Been There through My Trial with Dahlias
And Ginger
And as I Tried My New Topiary Skills

So, with this, my 100th post, I want to share my gratitude. I am thankful that I have been able to take this journey through words and grateful that you, as readers, have come along. This idea that I had two years ago to share my weekly garden musings has become way more than I could have imagined. So, let’s keep growing, laughing, and sharing because Thistle Be the Day.

Let’s Keep Growing!

4 Replies to “Journey Through Words”

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kathy! I lost my rhubarb as well and three of my blackberry bushes aren’t looking like they’re going to make it either. The temperature swings seem to be taking a toll on the plants. 😦


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